Sunday, 29 September 2013

The icing on the cake to a fab weekend

A couple of weeks ago I got a leave pass from my family.  Woo Hoo, doesn't happen very often!   Being the only girl in our family of 5 it was a little piece of heaven I have to say.

I went to my first ever Problogger Conference.  It was held at the groovy QT Hotel Gold Coast.  I can confidently say that Darren Rowse and his team really know how to host an amazing 2 Day event.  The speakers and sessions, cocktail party, morning teas and lunches were streamlined and so honestly interesting.

By the end of the 2 Days it felt like I had been away for maybe 5 days.  Few people along with myself felt like we had to go home and just process everything - in a good way.  Ok I put my hand up there were a few cocktails had and some Ice Ice Baby at the QT Stingray Bar dancefloor.   You know what i mean...

The whole weekend was so inspiring & informative.  Feel blessed to have heard so many amazing speakers and also to have met so many fabulous attendees.

Saturday evening Robyn from shared a cab with me back to the Gold Coast airport.  As we were waiting to board I noticed Therese Kerr from also waiting to board a flight.   

Said to Robyn I would love to meet her and let her know how fantastic I think her website is.  In the next breath said I was  too shy to go up and interrupt her at an airport.  Robyn said to me 'Go on, I'm sure she would love to hear that you love her writing'.... After sometime of digging deep for courage, I did.  Sounds corny but it was a life changing 5/10 minute conversation.  Therese Kerr is gorgeous inside and out.   If you are not already following her, have a look.  She
has a beautiful Instagram @theresekerr .  What an unbelievable 2 day conference and a chance meeting with Therese Kerr at the airport on the way home was simply the icing on the cake.

A pool shot - QT Goldcoast from my balcony

Darren Rowse - Problogger

One of Therese Kerr's Instagram images, so true... but sometimes we hold back.  Doing my best to throw caution to the wind.

Therese Kerr -
[A holistic approach to health & wellness]
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Monday, 22 April 2013

Just to whiz around the local area

I often joke around but half serious that I would love one - a red or mint green vespa that is. I would just whiz around on it in the local area - not too fast. I would use it to pick up some bread and milk, visit Mum, my girlfriends and find the perfect little parking space.

While on holidays recently at the Sunshine Coast without my other half (he was working) I said to the boys lets hire one. Saw the sign on them that you could rent one, as long as you had a driver licence. I was half way there; had the drivers licence just needed to find the gutsy carefree courage. Thought it would be a good dress rehearsal if I ever got one.

Talk about kids bursting their parents bubble... My eldest son, with all his 14 years of wisdom said 'No way Mum, I forbid you'. I got told, so to speak.

He was acting like the boss I guess without my husband around. When I told my husband about it, on the way home from the airport he laughed. He said I'm glad the boys didn't let you... I've seen you drive a car with the safety of multiple air bags and that's bad enough. So funny... yes we all laughed in the car.

Being the only responsible one over the break it would have been my one chance at freedom which is exactly why I flirted with the idea (albeit briefly). Maybe next time I just won't tell them!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Don't go every week - this is why

Yesterday I went to Aldi. I don't go there every week. Mix things up between Coles, Woolies, About Life (organic/free range), corner store & Aldi.

With Aldi, I find you walk in needing a few things and walk out with a few one off purchases on top of the necessities that you think are great bargains and can't resist.

Yesterday was no exception. See below a couple of the things I bought. My coffee machine broke a little while ago so this milk frother combined with a plunger has just produced a fine cappuccino. Also, made the boys a hot chocolate - woo hoo. It's almost paid for itself.

Aldi, appreciate the bargains and look forward to flicking through a few mags and having a snooze in the pop up beach tent. All good in our hood, bring on the holidays.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Possum in the roof


Don't be fooled by this cute image.... I know they are protected and we wouldn't dream of harming them, but OMG do they make some racquet when they are in the ceiling directly above our bed!

Just as we wanted to go to sleep they sounded as though they/it are in full 'party mode' or full 'furniture moving' mode.   The scratching and noise in general was unbelievable.

My husband bailed early and went to sleep on No 3's bottom bunk and I thought I could tough it out.  An hour or so later  ignoring it was impossible.  The scratching was so much I had visions of it/they falling through my newish ceiling and scratching my eyes out!   A little while later I headed for the back lounge, doona and pillow in hand.

A couple of weeks ago a big branch from our next door neighbours' jacaranda fell onto our roof breaking the corner of the guttering, breaking the clothesline and some broken terracotta tile was evident too.  Guessing maybe it's got in through the broken tile as this is the first time we've had a visitor like this in the roof.


I have a possum man here at the moment so fingers crossed he finds how it got in and works out how to get it out preferably by tonight - that would be lovely!

ps: it is the cost of a good pair of shoes to rectify this 

Monday, 28 May 2012

Pondering ...

Looking back at these photos I took of my 19 year old niece Kate, not so long ago, on a beautiful sunny Sydney day... I have started looking into Photography courses.    It was such a fun day and we worked hard in terms of going to a few different locations and I was delighted with how much we got done between 10am and 230pm.   Had to be home for school pick up of course!

I am lucky to have 8 nieces and its always great to have a day like this seeing as I am mostly hanging with my 3 boys doing 'boy things' so to speak.   I have also taken photos similar to this of another one of my nieces and they were great too.    So good that they let me practise on them.

Taking photos has always been a passion of mine.   Capturing people, places, buildings, babies, interiors, emotion, excitement... anything really.   My husband gave me the camera I have at the moment, a few years ago for Mothers Day and I have given it a good work out ever since.

Having project managed our house renovation and I feel like I can now sink my teeth into a fun course just for me.  Photography & Interiors are the courses that I have been looking closely at.  Cannot wait; just need to see when they start and which one I will get the most out of!!!

Any recommendations to a good photography course in Sydney would be welcomed.

Happy Monday.....

Friday, 13 April 2012

School Hols - simple pleasures & One Direction

School holidays are the best! After a busy term 1 at school we all needed a holiday and we are loving it; almost at the end of week 1! Sleeping in, long pyjama mornings and having no usual sporting commitments. No racing around from A to B and C to D.

Apart from the 3 generations boys camping trip over Easter we are not going away. Living in Sydney there is always something to do so we are very lucky. Being a 'tourist in your own city' is always great for the kids or doing simple things like going to the park or the oval for some kicking practice. At the park there's a big swing which I can fit on with the boys. Thank you Council for the big swing, it's pretty cool; not a care in the world when we're on it. I get really dizzy when they spin me around too fast though; call me boring or too old but I just like to go back and forth. Going green is not fun.

Yesterday we went with Grandma to the Fish Markets. Once the boys got over the initial smell they enjoyed looking at all the fish, crabs, octopus, lobsters and boats. It's foodie heaven at the fish markets; the cheeses, olives and condiments and a fabulous fruit shop. We also shared a big platter of seafood while we were there - so good! My eldest son is a Jamie Oliver in the making so he loved it, especially looking at all the cheeses and herbs etc.

With the corporate working day almost over my two eldest went into the city to meet up with hub. I dropped them there straight from the fish markets. They got more then they bargained for. With walking a block to their Dads work, they were surprised to get caught up with 100s of girls screaming for One Direction outside The Intercontinental. When the boys got home they said it was an adrenaline rush. So cute!! They are not huge One Direction fans but I think they loved experiencing the hype and the atmosphere and seeing so many girls their age on mass! An experience like that is great - doesn't cost a cent; it just presents itself and you enjoy it for what it's worth!! They secretly loved every minute of it.


These boys can draw a crowd of screaming girls

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Big enough to care for another Dare!

Flicking through a Grazia magazine teamed with a glass of wine. Sunday evening's a rare occasion...home alone... - my hub and 3 boys have gone away on a 3 generations boys camping trip. May I add the house is so quiet without them!

My brother, his wife and their 1 & 2 year old were visiting for the weekend at Mums. Combining catching up with them and having a little 'me' time the weekend has been rather full in a lovely way.

This week has involved partaking in another style dare! #armpartydare it's been heaps of fun and lots of others have joined in too sharing their arm party jingles. There is an endless array of amazing arm jewellery out on the streets and it was great to see it all in Andrea's latest dare.

So many great bracelets and bangles, needed to be exposed! There are no rules as to how many, there is no right or wrong and sometimes it's a case of 'the more, the merrier!'

Hope the Easter break has treated you well. Here are some photos of the week that was.

Lou x

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